Dashboard UI

Yogh is a WordPress Specialist that offers services and content about the CMS. I’ve been doing studies to create a dashboard for the customers.

The dashboard plans to meet these needs:

  • Make it easy for the customer to see aspects about his plan, like available time each month and upgrade options;
  • Help the customer to keep his WordPress healthy, showing informations about WordPress version, plugins, performance and team suggestions to enhance the website security, performance and code patterns;
  • Facilitate contact between customer and Yogh’s team, showing the help center and chats on the dashboard;
  • Giving control to the customer, showing all the tasks and providing a easy way to create new demands.

The overall project is based on the same style guide created for the blog (read the case here).

In that same study, I created a version for the plugin’s welcome screen in WordPress, showing essential information directly on the customer’s website: