Hello, I’m Dinara, UI / UX Designer at Yogh

Passionate about design and technology, I’ve been working for 16 years as UI designer, improving interfaces on WordPress websites, creating video tutorials and advising our tech team on UI best practices.

Experience and education

UI Designer and co-founder at Yogh (2010-today)

Today, I happily continue working with design and technology, from project planning, prototyping, creating interfaces and helping my peers and clients with matters related to design. Based on project needs, I delivery my prototypes and interfaces on tools like Figma, Notion (for project documentation) or directly on WordPres or frameworks, like Bootstrap. Recently I’m creating video tutorials as well.

Digital House Scholarship (2018)

In 2018, I moved to São Paulo/Brazil and was fortunate to win a scholarship from Digital House. During 6 months, I learned more about Web Development, creating a website using Laravel. You can check it out on my github.

UX Design Studies at UFSC (2012-2014)

In 2012, I started an amazing graduate study on UX Design, where I learned a lot about emotional design, interaction design, storytelling, research, design thinking, user centered design, and so on. As a result of my studies, I learned important conceptual aspects of Design beyond interfaces. It helped a lot to understand how to improve the experience on my websites, and more importantly: all the processes in which I was involved, from project planning to internal meetings. As a matter of fact, my final project was all about delivering better experiences on internal processes. You can check it out here

UI Designer and co-founder at Cursos Guru (2011-2014)

I participated in the process of creating the business and strategy, acting directly in the name and brand creation. For 3 years I created interfaces for the company website and LMS (Learning Management System).

UI Designer at Render (2008-2010)

It was amazing to work in a e-learning bussiness! For 2 years, I helped with course creation, editing videos and creating course interfaces in Flash. In the beginning, each course had a unique interface, which took a long time to develop. To enhance the processs, we created a unified system, that integrated all the processes, from course recording to interface creation, reducing a lot the delivery time. In this project, I participated in planning and UI creation, from prototyping to creating directly, using components on flex framework, html and css.

Tech College (2007-2011)

In order to deepen my knowledge in programming, I graduated from College in Information Systems at Udesc. While I was there, I learned more about math, algorithms and software architecture. This knowledge still helps me a lot with project planning nowadays.

IT Teacher (2007-2008)

After I graduated from high school, I started sharing what I’ve learned, teaching classes about html, css, photoshop and so on.

Technical IT Course (2005-2006)

I was fortunate to study at a high school with a technical IT course, where I started to code and use graphic tools like Photoshop, Flash (R.I.P) and Corel when I was 15. This was when my Tech + Design love started!