UI for an e-learning company

Labone is a company that offers consulting and courses on project management, like six sigma and lean manufacturing.

Recently, we are working on Website and LMS (Learning Management System). To make incremental enhacements, we are acting on specific projects, considering the customer’s priority.

I’m responsible for all design decisions, interface creations and actively participate in project planning, delivering an action plan documentation for each project:

New Learning Management System

We developed a new LMS, suited for Labone’s needs. The challenge was develop a new important piece for the website, keeping all the rest well functioning and perfectly integrated.

First, we did all the planning, checking Labone’s needs and evaluating with the tech team all possibilities, so we could create an affordable project, considering the possibilities on this specific ecosystem.

Once we had the plan done, I started prototyping on Figma, creating according to our tech possibilities:

LMS Interface

Since this specific system was not complex, we didn’t create a Design System (although we are planning creating one for the entire website). The project has a basic stylesheet document for consulting:

Our tech team coded the system using React, integrating with WordPress using Rest API. At this stage of the project, I did testing and helped with the launch plan.

Virtual bookshelf

We worked on a project to better show and organize all the content that Labone offers to students, like e-books, courses, spreadsheets and so on.

The project was created in fases, the first one was to offer some special content on website. On this segment, I planned the scenarios and flow and prototyped the UI on Figma.

Once we had this flow lauched, we iniciated planning the bookshelf itself:

Project plan using Notion

The UI was created using Figma:

UI overview on Figma:

These are some examples of what I’ve been designing for this client. Currently, they are expanding and fortunately we are visualizing the possibility of creating a more consistent visual project, starting with a Design System!