Website UI for a book publisher

Carochinha is a book publisher, focused on products for kids and schools. They needed a virtual store with an institutional website and a restricted area for educators.

The e-commerce needs to offer a good experience for 2 different consumers: parents and educators, so it was necessary to create different flows. We started with the planning, checking all the company needs and suiting with Woocommerce possibilities.

Website mindmap

Once we had the plan and architecture done, the low fidelity propotyping was created using Figma. This project demands and economic development, so the team decided to use Bootstrap as UI framework, so it was necessary to take into account the possibilities of Bootstrap and Woocommerce when making any design decision.

Low fidelity prototype using Figma

We created all the pages for mobile and computer, so it was possible to make a more agile revision process, before developing the final UI.

Product page for regular customers
Mobile UI